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Membership is open to any Missourian who is Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing; parents of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing children; professionals who work with Deaf and Hard of Hearing children, youths and adults; and ANY other individuals interested in supporting MoAD's goals. 

Do you want to join MoAD?

Membership Fee: 

  • Individual:

  • Senior Citizen (60 - 74):

  • Senior Citizen (75+):

  • Full-Time Student:

1 Year 





2 Year 





To complete MoAD membership form, please fill out each blank on the form and send it to

Jennifer Rivera, MoAD Treasurer @


MoAD is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the on the civil rights, social, cultural, health, educational and economic well-being of the Deaf community.  We firmly believe in the fundamental human right to acquire and utilize American Sign Language. Our commitment extends to fostering an inclusive environment, devoid of audism, racism, sexism, linguicism, and any other discriminatory practices.


MoAD has identified the following key areas to accomplish this mission:

  • Advocate for the rights of Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in Missouri

  • Provide public information regarding Deaf and Hard of Hearing people

  • Advocate for the quality of Deaf education in Missouri

  • Scholarship for student's education

  • Provide statewide and local workshops for the advancement of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing people

  • Provide leadership training

  • Host a biennial conference every odd numbered year

  • Send Missouri Delegates to the National Association of the Deaf Conference on even numbered year

  • Sponsor Miss Deaf Missouri Ambassador

  • Sponsor Junior National Association of the Deaf 

  • Youth Leadership Camp


Your donation contributes to the betterment of the Deaf society!  Donate today!  Every dollar counts!

Do you want to donate to MoAD? 

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Donation via PayPal 

Pay MoAD using your own account to

Mail Cashier's Check or Money Order payable to MoAD - no personal checks are allowed. 

Mail payment with this form to:

MoAD membership 

P.O. Box 681

Columbia, MO 65205





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